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Galleries which stock my work:
Imagianation gallery, Bath

Biography and education

After studying art at Salisbury Art College and Coventry University I became a professional illustrator and then an artist. I have always had a fascination with oil paint. I have exhibited my paintings at the Bristol Guild, Black Swan Gallery and The Mall Gallery, London and Imagianation Gallery in Bath.


Bishop of Bath and Wells Bath Abbey afternoon

Work in private collections in the UK, Europe (Germany, France, Belgium), USA and the Phillippines including the collections of:
Right Reverend Peter Price
Count and Countess de Pelet
Braunsweig Cathedral, Germany

Awards and competitions

Bath Prize 2012 (Highly Commended) for Abbey Green, Bath

The Artist Magazine Competiton 2011
Winner of the Artist Magazine award

The Artist Magazine Competiton 2009
Winner of the Artist Magazine award for Street in Kathmandu

Working method

I complete the first part of the process on site and then finish in the studio. I tend to make sketches using coloured pencils for colour notes. I also take black and white photographs because I don't want to be overly influenced in terms of colour. I use the impressionist colour pallete.

I build up the paintings in layers ensuring some of the earlier paint shows through coming back to the pictures over several weeks. My main interest is in colour relationships , surface and architecture.

impressionist pallet paints

I paint mainly using Winsor & Newton oil paint(Cadmium red deep, Alizarin crimson, Purple dioxide, Cadmium yellow, Winsor yellow, Yellow ochre, Colbalt blue, French Ultramarine, Viridian), some Senelier (Cobalt violet hue)  and some Michael Harding (Turquoise, Lemon Yellow and Cadmium Red) using the impressionist pallet.


Shane Feeney at the Bishops Palace, Wells , Oct 15th 2011 presenting his picture to the Bishop of Bath and Wells.

Shane Feeney artist

Illustrated publications

'Shane Feeney's Bath' Article in Artists and illustrators Magazine July 2010

Shane Feeney artist based in Bath
4 Salisbury Road, Bath BA1 6QX